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Oct 18

The Identity Crisis


It is my observation that at the root of many societal problems we find a common issue. This issue for a lack of better words is a inner struggle with identity and affirmation. Life has away of pulling us in at an accelerated rate and due to our physical makeup we find it necessary to respond to life's demands. In the midst of our responding we fail to deal with circumstances, or emotional injuries. And many times these injuries leave us questioning our value, and sometimes even our identity. Many of us are familiar with the feeling of waking up and asking ourselves who am I and why am I here, and one of our favorites, Why me?, Why do I have to experience this? It is these kind of questions that point to deeper issue and that is trying to discern within ourselves who am I and who cares about me enough or sees into deep enough to affirm who I am. Identity Crisis can be the result of emotional injuries we suffered at the hands of those who were supposed to care for us like a Father who denied us, A mother who abandoned us and even a family member or friend that took advantage of us in our vulnerable times. Have you ever struggled with a time in your life where you needed someone or something to validate the reason for your existence? Let's chat on the Power of the word of God regarding your identity and through our conversation let's build each other to a place that no matter what life throws at us we will land on our feet and declaring who God says we are and doing all God says we can do. #YourIdentityIsHidINChrist

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  • Salvation is a word used loosely in the christian sector, many times we encountered individuals who share with us that they are saved. Yet when we explore what that actually means to them we find that many can't define what it means to be saved. As believers it is imperative in a day like to day that we be able to clearly define Salvation based upon scriptures. I would like to share with you a few scriptures to engage you in a discussion regarding salvation. Please take the time to read and pray concerning the scripture and give feedback on what you believe the writer is communicating to us regarding salvation. Please read the following and I certainly want to hear from you: Romans 10:9-10 Acts 2:37-40 Acts 19:1-6 Ephesians 2:8
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